Malaysia - Earth Hour

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please.. Please.. Please..
Kengkawan sekalian.. Jom kita support Earth Hour..
Just klik link ni --> Malaysia - Earth Hour..
Come together to fight global warming..
Support the nature.. Sign up now..
Be the part of the world..
Only an hour, 8.30pm to 9.30pmon Saturday, 28th March 2009..
Come on buddies.. Show you support..

P/S - Siap minta kebenaran Abah ok.. Switch off elektrik untuk sejam.. Miahaha.. Best! Jom kengkawan.. Show your support to the world..


LiNdT said...

wohoo...candlelight dinner la ahkak malam tu nanti...*wink*

Musliha said...

ha.. mau tau..
kasik satu malam romantik..
jgn lupa, sign up kat sana..