Jaja Kraf 50th Post Give Away

Friday, February 20, 2009

Miahaha.. Mus nak turut serta.. Nak masuk 4 penyertaan.. Muahaha.. Tamak kah? Aishhh.. The box makes me crazy ok.. Ini Mus copy paste dari blog Jaja Kraf.. Sila terjah ke sana untuk ikut turut serta..
So this is it, a giveaway on my ‘golden jubilee’ post. Before that, I would like to thanks to all of you who keep visiting me; to the silent viewers, to the commentators, my friends and to whoever you are. Who’s JajaKraf without you guys! Hence, I want to give away somethings from my collection…

I was near to give up with this shirt shape box once it started but yet I really satisfied in the final, seemed like I won’t let it go. Not so sure if I’m willing to make another one, quite difficult I must say. Inside the box will be:-
1. 8mm round light rose AB Swarovski crystal tied with 14 carats gold filled wire
2. Cream color hanging heart
3. Pink color hanging heart
4. Orchid brooch
5. Orchid hair clip (choose your own word, maximum 5 letters)
6. 5 Ribbon flowers
7. 10 clippers (5 dolphins & 5 butterflies)
8. Handkerchief
9. My mini wishing stars (Didn’t count it, but quite a lot)
10. 20 pink felt flowers
11. Ribbon keychain
12. 60 mixed color buttons
13. Flower brooch (last minute added)
14. Flower brooch (last minute added)

As usual, the rules are;-
1. Just leave your comment in this entry, you’ll be considered as join this contest.
2. Post about this giveaway on your blog, you’ll be entered 2 times.
3. If you add me into your link list, you’ll be entered 3 times.
4. Post my giveaway picture button on your sidebar, you’ll be entered 4 times.
I will randomly draw and announce the winner 2 weeks from now, which is on 4th March 2009 (Wednesday).

So, let’s play!!!