Shahera Wants A Memorable Debut

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Posted by malaysiantoday on 2007/10/11 16:17:04

What started off as a hobby turned quickly into a passion for Shahera Rahim Raja.

Today, barely a year after she was roped into the national team, the 22-year-old petite lass from Penang has vaulted to be among the elite shooters in the country. Shahera will be making her debut in the Korat SEA Games in December and is all excited over her participation.

"This is the first time I will be competing in a multi-sports event for the country and the feeling is great. I am looking forward to mingling with not just shooters from the other countries but athletes of the different sports as well.

"Frankly, I never dreamt of donning national colours in any sport as I only participated for the fun of it," said Shahera.Shahera took up shooting by chance when officers from the Cadet Police Corp came to her alma mater - Convent Green Lane in Penang to introduce it.

Her subsequent consistency in the sport enabled her to represent her home state in the Malaysia Games (SUKMA) in Kedah last year. She returned with two gold medals -50m fulbore rifle prone and 3m position - but settled for a bronze in her pet event, the air rifle.

It was during this time that the national selectors noticed her talent and placed her under the National Sports Council's ( NSC) full-time training programme. Shahera is so committed to shooting that she was prepared to defer her tertiary studies to a later date.

Shahera completed her Form Six at the Penang Free School and is interested in pursuing either a degree in sports science or busines studies.

In Korat, the National Shooting Association of Malaysia (NSAM) will be banking on Shahera to deliver at least a medal. She herself is hoping to make an impressive and memorable debut.Shahera, the only girl and second of three siblings, will be competing in two events - air rifle individual and team. What has been a major motivating factor for Shahera is her father's advise to always be serious or committed to anything she attempts.

In her younger days, Shahera was more into hockey and silat. Seeing the way she has progressed, Shahera has no regrets about taking up shooting. For now, she just wants to make an impact on the international stage.

Sharera is currently the top woman air rifle shooter. Shahera enjoys travelling and she has been to the World Cup championships in Sydney as well as two more international meets in Bangkok and Munich this year.

Shooting will be held a week before the tournament proper in Korat. Immediately after the competition, Shahera will join the other Malaysian shooters on a flight to Kuwait to compete in the Asian Championships from Dec 4-16.

A good showing in the Asian championships will enhance Shahera's chances of competing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Interestingly, upon her return from Kuwait, Shahera hopes to join the Royal Malaysian Navy and continue her sporting career there.

*While google something, i found this.. 2 dari kanan adalah bakal adik ipar Mus.. Shahera Rahim Raja.. Yang terbaru ni, as at 1.8.2008 rasanya dia ranking yang ke-20 Asia, 10M Air Rifle Women.. Mus tengok gambar ni Mus teringatkan Mak Mr. Fedex.. Gambar ni la yang Mak Mr. Fedex a.k.a bakal mertua Mus selalu bawa ke mana saja dia pergi.. Mak Mr. Fedex gunting dari keratan akhbar dan simpan di dalam poket kecil beg tangan dia.. Mus tengok dah naik lunyai gambar tuh.. Mana saja dia pi, semua orang dia tunjuk.. See.. How proud the mummy.. Kan? Tapi mengimbas kenangan lama dulu, betapa susah nak jadik berjaya macam sekarang.. Kena marah, kena pukul, macam-macam.. Tapi sekarang, she is the one at the top.. Doa ibu bapa selalu bawa kepada kejayaan anak-anak.. So, good luck Shera.. Hope banyak lagik medal after this.. One more thing, jangan lupa ole-ole fridge magnet dari negara yang Shera pergi untuk Kak Mus eh.. Haha.. Sempat lak tuh.. Cesss.. Hope one day you will be the top asian shooter.. Good luck..*


Anonymous said...

Salam,hey KakMus....
It's very sweet of U,Thanks InsyaAllah shera akan usaha dan berjaya.
The blog its very CREAtivE,I like it especially the chocolate cake =)
Mm...shara xlupa ole2 fridge magnet.
TC n have a Lovely Day!

Musliha said...

Shera.. Haha..
Ni mesti Shafiz beritahu eh?
Takda apa..
Saja Kak Mus goggle tengok ranking..
Tak sangka.. U're almost at the top..
Keep it up.. Good luck..