ww22 - Kitchen Alphabet D

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

At last, finished! Kitchen Alphabet D.. D for what? Haha.. Still out of the track.. Haishhh.. Manage to catch up.. Errr.. But.. Nak kena bungkus all this crafty thingy masuk gobok dah.. Mus dah nak kena buka mesin jahit balik kerana dah cukup masa untuk menjahit gedebuk gedebak baju bagai.. Dan have to prepare goodies, bunga telur, etc etc for my wedding.. Hehe.. Mine? Eeee.. Sounds weird huh.. Jangan lupa eh all my stitching sis, next year.. Hope to see all of you.. Lately terasa sunyi, don't know where, all gone.. Ermm..